As you are doing your new house planning do not neglect the outside of the home. What kind of features do you desire in the yard? What have type of garage or carport do you want for storing your car? Do you want to include a storage building as part of the total design package? Do you want the yard square in the yard or at an angle to the yard? All of these items can, and should be, considered as part of your new house design.

Yard Features You Might Consider

As you are thinking about your yard and new home you must think about your external features. If you are planning to have a water feature on the property you should plan for it along with your construction. You can have all the plumbing done at the same time as the pipes are laid for your home. This is an item you should discuss with the company providing your house design services.

Other features which may require contract work and are easier to handle during initial construction are lighting features, swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas. These items will require either plumbing or electricity. If you are planning these for your yard in the near future it would be wise to include them in your construction drawings. This allows you to save money with contractors since they are already on-site to do the rest of the home construction work.

Garages, Carports, and Storage Buildings

Exterior storage in the form of garages, carports, or storage buildings can be included in your new house design and planning. Once again, this can save you money since the construction teams will be on-site and working. Material costs are often lower at this time, since the materials will be part of a larger order which may get higher discounts.

Discuss any exterior buildings you may want with your design team. This is a question the owners of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd will normally cover with clients as they consult with them for free house design quotes. Give them a call if you are looking for a company which is detail oriented and helps you uncover items you might overlook.

Deciding the Layout of Your Home on the Property

Traditionally most people place their home square with the property lines. It is the standard in most communities. Where you find this changing is with homes in specialty developments on golf courses, around lakes, and other unique property locations. In these communities it is possible your home will be more functional and beautiful turned to face a feature.

This type of planning does not happen by accident. You must take time to talk to your design team if this is an idea you wish to explore. By habit they will plan for your home to be square to the land with the front facing the street like all other homes in the area.

These issues are not always at your discretion. You may discover local regulations, home owners’ association bylaws, or other rules prevent you from placing your home on the property in a unique way.

Do not forget by turning the home you can greatly affect how much available yard you have for other outdoor items. A home which is turned at an angle on a rectangular lot could eliminate the possibility of a swimming pool or other large outdoor feature being added. Discuss these ideas for your new house design with the team at Drafting Concepts. They can quickly give you an idea of how it will affect cost and the potential of using the yard for other things